Quality handmade violins, violas, and cellos

Flamed Maple Backs, Neck, and Ribs

When I began making instruments in 1973, I quickly became dissatisfied with the quality of the tonewood that was available commercially. I began the practice of buying my own supplies of wood directly from the loggers and sawmills.  After many years, I have developed contacts with these suppliers, examined thousands of logs while looking for the rare log which possesses the exact combination of visual and tonal qualities required. Most trips, I return home empty handed. Once a log is acquired, it is carefully sawn and split into instrument sets which are hung to begin the drying and curing process. Each set is matched and bound together for future use. The instruments I make now are from wood I purchased and prepared in 1990.

Wenzel Violin with one piece back.

Ross Holmes of Cadillac Sky ....

"Mr. Wenzel, I've been very fortunate to play on many wonderful contemporary and antique instruments, from Stradivari and Guarneri to Vuillaume, Scarampella, etc. I've been playing one of your Signature models for over two years now and I must say that it has the warmth, depth, projection, and overall look and feel of all of these great violins combined into one Super-Fiddle! My band, Cadillac Sky, is on the fringes of acoustic music and when we recently recorded our new album, everyone was blown away by the tone that was coming thru the studio speakers. Thanks for your fine work, I will be playing this fiddle for many years to come."  


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