Rebecca Fischer, Jonah Sirota and Julie Yoon of the

Chiara Quartet play and comment on  a

Wenzel Violin

from Kurt Mueller:

Dear Bob,

Thank you for working on my violin.  It's a long journey from the cobbled streets of pre-World-War-One Prague to the north woods lanes of Warroad....with all the stops in between.  I like the story.  I am glad that little violin could have some new life breathed into it and I am glad that such an interesting and dedicated man found the time to do it.  There's a good chance that instrument will still be making people happy another hundred years from now.

Katrina Pearce was first place winner of the Grand Master Fiddler Championship, Oct. 5-6, 2007 in Nashville, TN. She says of Bob's fiddle:

"I love the fiddle!!!  It's very open, even playing & has a big voice!"

from Jan Grover:

Dear Bob Wenzel,

Two weeks ago I bought one of your 1999 violins through a trade-in of my student cello.  I want you to know what pleasure I'm finding in playing that beautiful instrument.  It's been my wish to own one of your violins for some time - a hand-crafted violin made in northern Minnesota - and now I do!

The instrument has a very even sound, and it's so much easier to play than my student violin.  Its tone is pearl- like & round.

I hope you receive lots of fan letters from people who play your violins.  You're putting a lot of loveliness out in the world.

from Mary D.:


I love my cello!!! This cello gives me great joy & slowly it's becoming a part of me.  I treasure it-



from Liam Bailey (of  Rodney Atkins' Band):

Hey Bob - thanks for dropping a line!  My Wenzel is my main fiddle these days and I love it; not only is it a beautiful, great sounding instrument, but it's sturdy and reliable, so I'm comfortable bringing it on the road (where danger often lurks) :) Thank you for your fine instruments!!

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